Friday, September 08, 2006

Cake and Thoughts on Life

And now, something much happier, just one more birthday picture...not that I'm trying to drag this birthday celebration out. This is what greeted me when I got to work yesterday morning:

Anyone who knows me knows how perfect this cake is, ocean all over the top and sides and the color of sea blues and greens. Shells good enough to eat. Made by my new and very talented workmate, Brenda. Living in Maine means the ocean is not more than an hour away for me. We live on the lake, but it's the ocean that gives me strength. I think it's the tides and how they move in and out and how alive it all is. Perfect cake.

I've been catching up on some blogging and the best thing I found this morning was Deborahs new website. If you haven't seen it yet, please check it out and if you're lucky enough to live near Lewisville, TX take one of her workshops for me. I love what she's doing and her enthusiasm for all things art and family. When I was her age I wanted SO MUCH to be really good at one thing and I chose quilting. That was 26 years ago (oh my goodness!!). I wanted to do all the things she's doing. Teach. Be really good at it. I found a wonderful little quilt shop in Hallowell that had just opened and asked for a job. The woman, Deana, who turned out to be a mentor and friend to me, couldn't afford to pay me so I volunteered for two afternoons a week. It helped both of us, giving me all the stimulation and validation I needed, and giving her some much needed time off once in a while. The shop closed long ago and Durango, CO was lucky enough to get Deana, and I've moved on. I no longer have aspirations of wanting to teach and no longer have the drive to "be the best". Entering contests has little interest, though sometimes I like the thought of the challenge. I just like to feast my eyes on fabric. Touch it. Make it work for me. No pressure. Just have a good time creating. And making people happy by giving them a little piece of me.


Joanne S said...

What an amazing cake! A work of art.

Are artists attracted to working in dental offices? Nurses seem to be drawn to library work. We always have nurses working at Circulation. I always find that funny.

When I was Deborah's age I was teaching-- not art: then I moved to Europe and learned the ropes of being popular and getting elected to offices in the Women's Club. I had so much energy and enthusiasm.

kirsty said...

Happy Birthday! That's the coolest cake I've seen! Thanks for visiting - hope you try the Lemon Muffins :)
ps love your little house postcards soooo much.