Monday, September 11, 2006

Frayed Edges and more birthday!

I might be the only person that can milk a birthday for all it's worth...maybe as you get older the celebrating just continues! Frayed Edges today and all my friends made a delicious lunch complete with DECADENT CHOCOLATE CAKE that Hannah made (no picture, sorry), Sarah made delicious chicken salad with some sort of vinaigrette dressing, warm scones, and marinated cucumbers from Kate's garden. YUM! And gifts. more gifts.

...a container of sea glass soaps that look just like pieces of sea glass from Kate, along with the bottle full of flowers that you can't see, but the bottle was precious to Kate and she parted with it just for me. I know that feeling, and it means all the more to me. A vinegar jar. It's the simple things...some embellishments from Sarah,

along with this very tall, very beautiful, bookmark which is two sided making it difficult to choose which side to view. Hannah made the little hanging beside the bookmark and what you can't see is the word PEACE (appropriate for today) done in block letters and sewn on.

And Deborah sent this beautiful package with some of her hand dyed fabric and a postcard and some little alphabet letters I've already used. There's nothing like gifts from friends.

Oh yeah. Our meeting. We're in the beginning stages of developing a group exhibit for 2007. We'll be exhibiting at one venue, one large room. There's a lot to this planning stage...5 people with great ideas coming up with one pared down, smoothed out, concrete plan. A joint effort at cohesion. We can do it.

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