Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall is REALLY Here:

And we all survived the weekend, although I made Sarah and Andy pose for a picture in case he decides not to come back. Just kidding; of course he'll be back. Look how happy he is! Kids, rain, cold, all balanced with good comfort food, lots of wine and a fire in the fireplace which we kept going for 2 days.

today is the first day I've had real shoes and real socks on, having left my sandals in the closet this morning. If you look closely at my worktable you can catch a glimpse of my project for the day. As soon as I mail these out to my special little friends, I'll post a better picture.

As much as I hate to see summer go, there's a certain 'nesting' that happens at this time of year. Get the wood in. Vegetables out of the garden. Pumpkins on the outside steps. Pretty soon a bittersweet wreath on the door. Leaves.


Sioux said...

I wish I could see your beautiful autumn weather. I've only been to Maine in the summer...and it was cold then, too! I think Maine is the most beautiful state in the union...from Sioux in Texas

Dianna in Maui said...

Love your Danskos, Kathy. Aren't they great?

Deborah said...

Still in sandals here. I can't wait to see those Halloween goodies from the background!