Friday, September 29, 2006


NOW I remember....Bruce and I finally made it up past 8:30 last night, determined to stay up and watch Grey's Anatomy just so we could be part of the conversation that goes on all around us. And this is what we saw,

which was fine when I was 9 and tv had just been invented and we had to deal with that horrible vertical rolling and snow because it was all new and not very refined, like us. (It wasn't even this good last night) But now? In this technology age? We have Direct Tv and as soon as the leaves fall off one particular tree, we'll get local channels crystal clear, as they were meant to be viewed. Until then, bed at 8.


Debra said...

Hey.. this is exactly what the tv looked like when I was staying at the MILs home (cable-less) all September. Hated it.

Do you have no options that will provide local channels clearly year round??

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Heh heh...the joy of living in the Maine woods. Paul called Direct TV because his high def channels weren't coming in. The guy offered to chop down the offending tree for $20. Money well spent. And free firewood.

Sorry to snicker.....we're living here too LOLOL!

Hugs, s.