Monday, September 18, 2006

Sailing, sort of...

What a gorgeous weekend it was..70's and 80's in Maine in September, how lucky were we! And to top it off we went sailing with friends on their boat. Two days. On the water. Sleeping under the stars. Good food and lots of wine. Lots of laughing. Though 'sailing' is actually a misnomer because there wasn't even a whisper of wind. So, we motored. This is what I saw:

And early in the morning with coffee:

And this is what they saw:

...pre-shorts and sleeveless shirt.

After it got dark, we went for a little dinghy ride to shore. Have you ever seen phosphorescence? Where the water lights up with millions of tiny green gems and looks like jewels below the surface? The bow waves were glowing as well as the 20 foot wake from the motor. Magical! The first time I saw it a few years ago I had to get bruce out of the tent just to have someone to share it with.

With winter on it's way, these little gems need to be stored away for future use, like during a week of below zero days. Like Frederick, I was a little mouse poet storing away the tidbits. My kids loved this book when they were young so if you haven't read it to yours, it's a keeper.

Later today I'll post some pictures in progress of my newest piece that I got lots of good critique on from my Frayed Edges group.

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