Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I thought I'd picked every kind of fruit at least once in my life, but this weekend I picked cranberries for the first time. I always thought they grew in bogs (they do) on Cape Cod (they do), but they also grow here on property owned by my sister-in-law's family. Martha and I went out with coffee cans and filled them to the top in less than 20 minutes. Easy picking and very dry. And when you pick with a friend, the conversation is as good as the promise of sweet fresh fruit.

Of course then we had to do something with all these cranberries, so Katherine and I set to work at 6:30 this morning making cranberry-orange muffins. She was my measurer and stirrer, my sweet neice.

And don't let that angel face fool you. This one will go far just on pure tenacity.

The finished product. Think she'd try one, the top even, with sugar sprinkled all over it???? HAH!!!


Sarah Ann Smith said...

I'll try one!

Hugs, Sarah

Sioux said...

Wow, yummy. I have never picked them, but I bet the fresh picked ones are delicious in those muffins. Love the kitchen helper!

Anonymous said...

The muffins look awesome! how'd they taste? Did you guys ever make the candy necklaces? Hope so!

jenclair said...

She is so cute! And boy, do those muffins look good.