Monday, October 02, 2006

One Last Paddle

On Saturday, Bruce and I decided to pack up our kayaks and take one last paddle. It was a beautiful fall day, the temperature was still warmish by the middle of the day, HOT on the island we landed on for lunch. There are no pictures of this part of the day because of the water and the new camera...but I have great pictures of the scarecrow contest we came across in Searsport. Part of their Fling into Fall Days. I guess anything goes now with scarecrows. No more going to find an old pair of your dads jeans and an old flannel shirt. These were much more sophisticated as you can see:

...who these little girls are I have no idea, but they REALLY wanted their picture taken!

How's this one for complicated?! And the detail, obviously a Beatles fan:

very clever, those faces. This one too:

not scary though. But this one might frighten a little bit:

..if you happen to be the guy in the lobster trap! Or this one:

..yeah, that's more like it! Which one is your favorite, Charlie, Katherine and Carey? Bet I know!


Sioux said...

I love Maine. It's been years since we were there, but I love the way you all celebrate. I'll bet the paddle was wonderful, as well. Have a happy autumn.

Deb Geyer said...

My favorite is the Yellow Submarine!

Karen said...

what a fun day! great scarecrows too. Of course, I just love the mermaid!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy -
since our conversation over the weekend, I decided that every time I visit your blog, I'll check in instead of lurking! Enjoy the bittersweet and cranberries!