Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I haven't posted much lately and I think my lethargy, (physical and mostly mental) is this body moving into winter. Like the bears hibernating. All I want to do is eat, carbs mostly. And I wander around the house looking for the next most comfortable place to sit. Yesterday I went for half a walk. That was about all the enthusiasm I could muster. Before this laziness and inability to direct myself hit, I finished this piece,

the first in a series of 'interpretation' pieces. Interpreted from a photograph. Wish I could show the photo, but it's not mine and I don't have permission , and in order to do that I'd have to email Hannah, and then she'd have to email her friend and then we'd wait for an answer and then I'd have to download it....where's that comfortable chair? (You'd think I was a busy mother with little ones running around !!)


Anonymous said...

Inspiring! I don't think you are alone in the lethargy... but color is great to combat it. You're work gets me contemplating working on smaller pieces.

Sioux said...

Your piece is beautiful. Sorry about your down times...we certainly all have them...when I do I think of someone much less fortunate that I, and that kind of stops me. Today I a quite went well, healing is moving forward, but still...then I heard a friend's child is dying...puts it all in perspective.

So, have a great day and know that I would love someday to experiece your type winter. I've never seen what you all call SNOW...someday I will!


Jan said...

I like the cool soothing colors of this and very interesting design. Here in Southern California we don't have what most people consider winter and I rather envy you having a fire in the fireplace ... it's still 80's in the daytime here. I miss seasons (even though I've lived here for about 30 years, and I don't really miss living in snow ...)

swampgrrl said...

what a gorgeous piece!

i just wandered over from Deb R's blog, and feasted my eyes on your treasures here.

happy day to you!