Monday, November 06, 2006

What I've been doing:

In my house we jump right from pumpkins to christmas, not because I want to but because of this:

It's an advent calendar designed for my neice Katherine. It has 25 little pockets that I filled with 25 little gifts for her to open starting on December 1st. And this year all I have to do is send the 25 little gifts and her mom and dad will fill the pockets. I made nine of these for all my little neices and nephews and grandson, each one designed with them in mind. So, if you do the math that means I need to buy and WRAP 225 little gifts before December 1st. I can't tell you how WORTH IT it was to hear reports of how excited these kids were last year! This year I have had the luxury of picking things up here and there through the months which cuts down on last minute panic. And the GOOD NEWS is that I have half my shopping done, wrapped and sent, before December 1st!!!!1

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Heidi said...

Kathy, Bridget was so excited over her first gift, a new toothbrush. "I have never seen such a cool handle " she exclaimed. It was like gold to her. The calenders are so cool.