Friday, February 23, 2007

Messy Room as a Metaphor for Life this Week

It's been one heck of a week, you might say an emotional roller coaster week, but the sun is shining and the chickadees are chick-a-deeing and all will be alright. I've missed blogging, and blog reading... since Valentinge's day when life seemed to speed up to screech. But it's the weekend. One of the many things on my plate has been a deadline for 2 project proposals for a new book on beading. Never done one before, but Frayed Edges was asked to contribute since the editor saw the article and some of our quilts in Quilting Arts Magazine. So there was stress of the self made kind that needed attending to. This is what I should be straightening up today.

After the hurricaine blew through. But all I really want to do is something mindless (knitting squares to figure guage) and play with my new buttons. Pretty?


Shelina said...

A busy week with deadlines gives you focus to create. Sounds like everything was all good though.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

I love it....Hurricane Daniels hits South China, leaves art and color in her wake!

I wish I could help you not stress... so I'll send HUGS {{{{{Kathy}}}}}}