Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Work in Progress

This was my project all day yesterday, except for the hour I went outside and walked on the lake. Once I got on the thoroughfare ( where the snowmobiles travel, kind of like the East Australian Current in Finding Nemo) the walking was perfect and the sun...I can't tell you how much this northerner loved the warmth of that sun. Anyway, this is my interpretation of a traditional log cabin. When you put the above picture with this one:

you will see the two major desing elements I'm using. Washers, (thank you Deborah, though I couldn't find big flat square ones) wire, hand painted fabric to look like aged copper....the colors are a little different in these pics but the true color is more greenish than blue. As soon as I get it done done, I'll show the whole thing.


joyce said...

I really like the idea of round log cabins. That's thinking outside the box. Did you make them square and then cut them round?

kate c said...

I'm dying to see this and see the scale! Looks great.