Friday, March 16, 2007

Knitting Bag

I went away last weekend and came home without the cord to download pictures from my camera, so I feel like I'm missing some major part of my blogging life. What's a post without pictures, I say. At least I need the crutch of pretty pics enhancing my words. But, until my cord comes home I do have some to show you...a knitting bag I made for my sister's birthday.

She can organize all her needles and patterns in one place:and I got to use one of my beautiful new buttons:Can you tell I'm having a hard time with the new beta blogger and moving pictures around...and what's with this blue text? Anyone have some words of advice for the technically challenged?


Deborah said...

That button is gorgeous. I must learn to knit... if only to have such a marvelous bag!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics Kath! Can't wait until I can indulge in such pastimes...The PhD is definitely OUT - there are too many other things I'm interested in ( case in point!)

Beate said...

Loveley to be Your Sister :-))) gorgeous bag