Thursday, April 05, 2007

Leaving it all behind

Tomorrow we leave this:

taken moments ago. I'd say that's a good 12 inches on that granite block that was naked this time yesterday morning. No chance of seeing the sun today. But TOMORROW!!! We trade it all in for this:

Walking the beach in Florida for a long weekend. Ahhh, warm sand, warm water, perfect timing.

And just so you know I've been staying on task, here's a picture of fibers I'm using in my top secret project.

Not so secret, really. Just an excuse to NOT say this is as far as I've gotten!


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Enjoy the sand...hope it is sunny with a gentle breeze, not too hot, and a fine pina colada!

Waltraud said...

This is great. I´m also trying to put photos on fabric.