Saturday, March 31, 2007

I've Been Trying:

1. to spark my creativity by reading this book, Kaleidoscope with the most beautiful cover. It's one of those books that FEELS so good just to touch it. Well put together. And it has a chapter by a woman named Susan Tuttle, (who is a good friend of my friend Kate). I've met Susan once and in that one brief moment knew she was one of those women who looks you in the eye and is genuinely interested in what you're saying. Her part asks us to "Explore the Landscape Within", a self portrait. But I REALLY can't wait to get to the chapter called "Set Your Brain On Fire"...that's just what I need.

2. to walking every day. I found a new hill not far from home...15 minutes up and 15 down. I get so bored doing the same walk that I've taken to driving to some of the backroads, parking and walking in a new place with new things to look at. Whatever works. I've lost 10 pounds of unnecessary stuff.

3. to be patient during negotiations for a piece of property near the coast. To NOT get my heart set on it so much that I go into a funk if it doesn't work out. Moving after retirement has always been in the back of our minds, so this will be the first real concrete step.

4. to knit, to read, to clean, to put christmas decorations away (pitiful me). They're off the mantle and made it to the couch...TODAY the attic!


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Woohooo for you...and for me! Property....near the coast.... OOOH! I won't ask details for fear of jinxing the process..... you closer to Camden is a really good thing!!!!!!

Deborah said...

I've been reading Kalidescope also. It's so interesting and unlike any other book I've ever read. So many voices and ideas. (I am a bit annoyed by some of the layout choices -- maroon text on a brown background is not easy to read.) I think this is going to be a great spring for you!