Thursday, April 19, 2007

This is the beginning of my project proposal for the new Lark book on embellishing with beads, coming out next year (?) My Frayed Edges group was asked to submit ideas and all of us had at least one of them accepted, some 2 or 3! I've started out with hand painted fabrics and in the end will use lots of beautiful fibers and beads to top it off. Actually, it's done and ready to be mailed off, just waiting to share at our next meeting before it goes.

On another note: series. I've never done one. I'm thinking about it. Everyone says you learn a lot from doing a series, but I flunked perserverence in grammar school. I didn't even know what it meant then. I'd like to think I have more staying power in these adult years. And I think I'll choose a subject that's not about blue. Stretch a little out of my comfort zone.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Serendipity.... I finished my beaded pomegranate journals today. Now to type up the instructions, make the pattern for the pomegranates, etc. Actually, it is made, I just need to clean it up and make it presentable.

Lots to do but I too am saving to share before mailing off! Hugs, Sarah

Deborah said...

Wait wait wait... I'm not done with mine yet.

Gosh, Kathy! This is so gorgeous. Do I see bubble wrap prints there? Perfect. I want to see it finished.