Monday, April 23, 2007

McManus/Flatvoll Wedding

Spring in Virginia surrounded by family and extended family can only mean one! And to make this one even more special the groom and his family are from Norway. There were a lot of people who came a very long way to participate in this momentous event. And several of them wore traditional dress:

These are called bunads. Your bunad shows what part of Norway you identify yourself with. There are hundreds of different bunads, each district, valley or town has its own, some in several varieties (colours). One of these ladies is in blue and the other is in green. There are many appropriate times to wear a bunad, one being a wedding. Considering it was a very hot day, these women not only handled it with grace, but danced up a storm at the reception.

Love it!

The bride and groom , though, wore traditional american wedding attire and were stunning.

And of course there were cute kids at this wedding. Keilly, Bridget, Seamus and Ella are all sporting their new tattoos:

Two hearts. What a great idea.

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Deborah said...

I just love it! How fun to have personalized tattoos! I see you in the mirror. You look happy!