Friday, May 04, 2007

Art Quilts Maine Exhibit

It is a beautiful show in a beautiful space. The Saco Museum is a mixture of the old and new...old , traditional quilts followed by a new space and new artquilts. The first few pictures are interpretations of the log cabin square.

Kate's piece done with scraps of fabric donated by the family of one of our members who passed away a few years ago.

Home is Where the Hearth Is, by Pat Halpern. Wish I had taken a real close up showing the embellishments.

Water, by Annette Houston. the colors were stunning, (because they're blue?!) and the quilting lines were gold thread. Really nice.

Our own Sarah Ann Smith's trees. You may have seen this on her blog at one time or another.

This one is by Julie Weaver and I was so taken with it, I never got the title. I thought she did a fabulous job iof integrating the photo with the fabric.

Ginkos on a Moonlit Pond, by Sue Gehrhardt. The ginko leaves and dragonflies were made using water soluble stabilizer with threadwork on top of sheer fabric.

It's always so interesting to see a group of quilts in one place, to see how the makers themselves have progressed in their work. This show will be up till the end of June, I think, for anyone living or traveling in Maine who wants a treat. Saco Museum and Dyer Library, Main St., Saco.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Way cool...thanks for the pics! I can't wait to see it, but will have to... will be down there demo-ing in June!


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Hope you don't mind! Cheers, Sarah

Susan Tuttle said...

Breath-taking pieces! Kate just referred me to your blog post on Kaleidoscope--I wanted to thank you for your very kind words--they warmed my heart.

I hope you are well and enjoying this beautiful sunshine--it's about time, right?