Saturday, June 30, 2007


Found this piece of fabric at the bottom of a pile of handpainted fabrics, done quite a while ago. I always thought I could do something with it. I also thought I could make it fit with the theme of HOME, our show which will be at the Camden Library in August. So the title is "Home To Spawn", commerating the yearly running of the Alewives as they make their way back to their beginning.

It's hand painted and hand stamped. The fish are a store bought stamp but the wavy lines of blue and greenish are thick cut foam stripes mounted on a piece of foamcore. The tops of the fish backs are machine quilted with metallic green thread and the underbellies are shiny with beads.

We're on vacation in beautiful PRince Edward Island and have another gorgeous weather day in which to play. Today we'll be doing some letterboxing AND geocaching. One of the letterboxes is at the only winery on the island, so I imagine a little blueberry wine will be tasted in the hunt. UMMMM!


Deborah said...

Lovely. You have such a way with texture and beads!

Anonymous said...

Love the fishes! Weren't you working on this piece when Joe and I were there for the Trek? The colors and textures really mimic the beautiful! Hope you are all having fun at PEI! See you soon

Shelina said...

Wow, Kathy, this is great. I just love the fish, and the great setting.

Jennifer said...

The fish quilt is breathtakingly beautiful. Wow. I'm so glad you somehow discovered my blog and left me a nice comment (about climbing the Bubbles in Acadia) and so I could discover your blog (and we were at the Sea Dogs game on Father's Day, too -- too funny!). Hurray for Maine and hurray for your great blog and amazing work; it is a pleasure to meet you.

Kyra said...

Just like underwater! It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing!