Sunday, July 08, 2007

Super Sunday!

This rainy day has turned out to be one of the BEST days this summer. I had wanted to go to the James Patrick Gallery in Wiscassett to see an exhibit by Gayle Fraas/Duncan Slade:


an exhibit that did not disappoint. This is one of the 26 pieces, about 24"x24". Some were larger than this and all were done using the international signal flag alphabet as the "basis for exploration."

For instance, the quilt above is based on the S flag, and titled, 'Watermark-S-Sierra'. And this one, my favorite, is titled 'Watermark-M-Mike'.

As with any show, there were some stunning pieces and some that were just ho-hum, but I attribute that to personal taste, not design. Fraas and Slade are using using computer digital images in a lot of their work, though from the handout one is to believe they are images they've painted first. They say:

" the designs for several of the unframed quilts in this exhibit were assembled on a computer monitor from original drawings and paintings executed in our studio. Two commercial printers were used, both in North Carolina where the textile industry is both academically and physically active. Three different commercial quilters each with different skills and equipment were used to stitch quilts to our specifications, two from Maine and one from Indiana. In Indiana, we were able to produce the completely digital quilt, the sewing machine was computer controlled, doing exactly as we would. While it proves a point and has advanced our technical horizons- for us, computers and printers are just tools."

Huh??? Comments?

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Ditto to "huh" - seems rather cold and it a guy thing?