Monday, August 27, 2007

More Pamela Allen

At the workshop we did with Pamela Allen she handed out a small 'piece of art' printed on fabric to make into something. The directions were to continue the design....I was going to post this way back, but then I couldn't find my little girl design. I trashed the bags I brought with me, dumped out every scrap I brought home, even went through some bags I knew I hadn't brought but still couldn't find it. Then just the other day I'm sitting at my sewing table in one of those staring off into space moments and noticed her posted very neatly on my design wall. Scary, my mind these days.

So I decided to bring her out because as I was reading one of favorite blogs, I noticed Joanne, who also took the same workshop, has posted her interpretation. Make sure to check hers out too. Pamela said she uses 'blackout' fabric to print on, the stuff hotels use as lining in their drapes, so I'll be experimenting soon.

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Deborah said...

What an interesting challenge -- to continue the image. I love it. The dress and the kitty look especially good. I like the house too, but it's awful blank at the moment. Will you add more there?