Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Happenings

This has been a perfect weekend weather wise. The nights have changed to cool :), as have the mornings:( but the days are sparklingly warm and sunny. Anyone who had planned outdoor activities has definitely lucked out this year.

Sarah and I spent Saturday afternoon taking in the Dianne Hire exhibit at Aarhus Gallery in Belfast. I can remember the complete excitement I felt several years ago when I first viewed some of her work at an exhibit she had done with her small art quilt group, The Renegades. It was very soon after this that Joan Acord sent word around that Maine should have a group of like minded souls start a guild of 'art quilters'. I can't remember how many years ago that was but life has never been the same since.

If any of you are faithful readers of Sarah's blog, you know what a challenging summer it's been for her, so to take an afternoon to play was just right. Dianne's pieces are small as you can see in relation to Sarah, but they are so full of fun things to look at. Her use of buttons on her pieces, which I've never really liked, is perfect. It may be the different sizes or colors or styles or all three together, but they are so cool.

We also stopped at a new (for me) quilt shop on Main St. Sarah Johnson Quilts.
She carries all the latest in designer fabrics. I was happy to walk in and see a nearly complete selection of the new Heather Bailey line.

We finished the afternoon with a picnic in the park, overlooking the comings and goings of the different sailboats in the harbor. No pictures since we were too busy eating and chatting. Such a nice day.

And one more picture. Another birthday bites the dust, but here's one happy little girl wrapped up in Neena's new fuzzy bathrobe:

I am surely blessed.

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