Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bountiful Fall

I try to walk every day. Sometimes I listen to books on tape and sometimes I just listen to the constant chatter going on in my own head. It's a great time to resolve problems I may be having with a design or figuring a way to use that certain fabric in a piece. I have several different walks but my favorite (for the view at the top and for the amount of exercise I get) is trekking up Moe's Mountain. It's 15 minutes straight up an old country back road before you get to the top. Along the road is an old stone wall that the birds have, over the decades, deposited their droppings and an abundance of old crookedy apple trees line the way. This is a bumper crop year for apples in Maine. I found at least 6 different varieties yesterday. I started out carrying three and then I just HAD to take my sweater off to hold all the rest. There are some surface blemishes, but for the most part they're BEAUTIFUL. And free for the taking.

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