Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Being Green

Several years ago I gave my lifelong best friend Gretchen some big fabric shopping bags to carry her food home from the market. She was green before it was fashionable. When we first met, she and her first husband lived on a farm in Freedom with no running water or electricity. She reduced, reused, and recycled out of necessity. Last time we were together she asked me to make a few bags for her daughter and daughter in law for Christmas. They're big, but not so big as to be too heavy when full of the weeks provisions. Easy, easy, easy to make, and such a good idea. The really hard part for me is REMEMBERING to take mine into the grocery store, (along with my list)!

Life is speeding along in one big creative streak all of a sudden. I spend HOURS, happily, in my studio just making things. I work on the big quilt for a while and as soon as I finish a section I can't wait to start the next. It more than makes up for all the times I thought I'd never have another idea, or the desire to see another piece of fabric. Well, that last part might be a slight exaggeration.


Starfishdoc said...

Ooooh! Love those bags! Love the idea of them, too. I'll have to get your "recipe."

Lori B said...

What a great gift. What type of material did you use?