Saturday, October 20, 2007


Been a little quiet on this blog lately due to this guy and the "big quilt". The challenge was 'salamanders' and this is what I came up with...not sure it looks like a salamander or a fish with legs, which now that I look at the picture (the legs) need to be highlighted with something dark to show up more.


joyce said...

Beautiful. I agree about the legs though. I didn't see them until you pointed them out. Love the background.

Heidi said...

Bridget agrees that you should highlight the legs. Emma and Kaitlyn said "Cool"

Louise Schiele said...

Thanks for leaving a message on my blog..the same back at your "red" salamander..I must say I've never seen one in my life time and I'm considering myself lucky..not a big fan of slitterly things. Enjoyed your blog and you're on my "favorites" list for sure. Louise Schiele, California