Thursday, April 17, 2008

Felted Bowls

I'm NOT allowing myself my first cup of coffee until I get this written, as penance for not posting for so long! I don't know what happens to time between one post and another. It just zooms at warp speed. I think it's called life. And lots going on in my life these days now that the weather is finally warm enough to go out without mittens. Still need boots sometimes because of the mud, not snow.

I planted peas, lettuce and beets the other day. Our ground is soft enough to work though the ice isn't out on the lake yet. Today, I'll bet. It's so close. So, working in my garden. Next, I have decided to leave my day job of hte last 21 years and retire. Starting May 29th. Whew. Glad that the decision part is behind me and now I can look forward to more time to play with fabric and paint. And last, FELTED BOWLS. These are so much fun to make. And quick. Love that little white one. Can't you just see daffodils coming out of that? Soon.


Heidi said...

I love the bowls. Congrats on your decision.

Cathy W said...

Wonderful bowls -- I recently saw a "demo" of felting bowls & now must try it! It's the first felted object that really speaks to the inner me. I also enjoyed the studio tour -- must make some Garden Girls for my tiny backyard in the heart of Houston, just because!