Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Camera Woes.

I'm at a loss without my camera. It's on it's way to Idaho? Ohio?, to be repaired. My pop up flash isn't popping up. Frustrating. Mostly because I'm finally doing some work in my studio and I can't show you. Yesterday my husband let me borrow his to take a few shots of my in progress piece, but of course I forgot to download them last night (company for dinner) and he had the nerve to take it with him today. I'm kidding. Probably because it's his birthday and maybe his co-workers are going to have a little party for him and he wants to remember the moments. Ah, well.

I have two things going at the moment. One is a request (not commission because I won't get paid :) and the other is influenced by Sandra Meech/L and L Kemshall/and the need to create something that's different for me. I'm stuck at the point where you say to yourself over and over...PLAY, JUST PLAY, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT. We'll see.

I love the 12x12 journal project that's going on and seeing how differently everyone interprets the theme. Deborahs piece is amazing, tying together her passion for her medium and her confidence in herself and who she is and what it all means to her and how she puts it all together to make an abundant life for herself and her family. All in a 12x12 square. And my interpretation of the theme "Illumination?" I have no idea... and it's not like I haven't been thinking about it. It's a stumbling block for me for sure, this process. Maybe if I really had to come up with something I could. Joanne has been doing it independently and has a beautiful piece to show for it. Maybe I need to push myself more. I'm all for that.

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Deborah said...

My goodness. Is that what you saw in my piece? What lovely thoughts and compliments. I'm not sure that's what I saw. I'm plagued with doubt sometimes. Just like all of us. Can't wait to see your new work in person!