Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall Socks

Vacation is over, birthday is over, and I have my repaired camera back!!! Now I can show you the socks I made while riding in the car to Prince Edward Island and home again. You know, "Idle hands are the devil's tools" and all. I made a trip to my now favorite yarn store, Halcyon Yarns, before we left and found not one but two beautiful merino wool hand dyed sock yarns, so I bought them both with high expectations. Two pair of socks. I usually finish one sock and I have to force myself to finish the second. And now, another head game...i made one of each pair so now I have to finish both. Of course there is a little loophole: they do sort of match in a funky way. But I will finish them both, she said with determination!

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heidi said...

You do know they sell socks that coordinate but not match. They are called mismates. You get 3 I believe in a package. I have seen them at LinensNThings.