Friday, September 19, 2008


Something happens this time of year, no matter how much I want to hang onto summer. I'm NOT ready for it to be over. NOT. But there's a tug inside me that I'm realizing is as strong as the tides and the full moon and despite the fact that I'm FIGHTING it, I start to gather and store. Just like the squirrels. I start looking at pumpkins in the field and think about putting them all over my house, for decoration at first and then to use for pies. I look at all my beautiful herbs in the garden and start making pesto like crazy, bring my rosemary inside, freeze sage and thyme. Fresh corn right off the cob: freezer. Applesauce. Zucchini bread. Blueberries picked straight from the field and into the freezer. I'm retired now, so I can.

We had our first mild frost last night...just nature's way of saying, "Be Prepared! It's coming!" Yuk. But really, well defined seasons are the reason we stay here in Maine, despite the fact that I don't want summer to end.

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