Thursday, September 25, 2008

Common Ground Fair

Every year in Maine this country fair is a much anticipated event. It draws people from every walk of life. It bills itself as a "celebration of rural living" and promotes all the things we should all be conscious of. Recycling. Promoting sustainability in gardening and energy. Behaving like the responsible human beings we should be. Truth be told, I love this fair but can only take it about every other year. This was an on year and along with 59,000 others (over three days) I checked out some new crafts, some cute animals and ate some not so "fair" food. No sugar allowed, as well as coffee, though you can get that outside the gate. One year I went for the fried dough (it was okay) and Maine's famous John's ice cream. (disappointing, but that just proves how addicted to sugar I am). Moving on...

Beautiful handcrafted canoes being made while you watch.

Gorgeous colors!

Wool in the most beautiful shades.

Socks just waiting to happen!

Some new and different pottery this year. Always in the past, too much pottery, but this year the balance was just right.

Rug hooking, the old fashioned way. Made me want to take a class and learn how to do my own.

And of course vegetables: tomatoes and pumpkins along with some of the best looking herbs and flowers.

A good day and a great fair.

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