Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Adventures in Vacationland

I have the most clever nieces and nephews...they decided a few weeks ago they would hold a camp for little kids while we were on vacation in Bayside. So, they made brochures, handed them out the first day we arrived, and started bright and early on Monday morning. It runs for an hour and they do a craft, a game, a story and snack. It's held in the public park overlooking Penobscot Bay. And kids have come! Even Bayside Bunny has spent a fair bit of time there.

Ella does the reading. She's 'camp director.'

Charlie is the 'athletic director.' He's in charge of anything physical.

Katherine is the 'arts and crafts' director. She carries the big box to the park every morning.

That's Katherine in the scarf. She's 7. Ella is 12. Charlie is 9.

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