Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It's only been 3 years which in my knitting world is not really that long to finish a project. As a matter of fact, according to some of my knitting friends, it's not long at all. The sweater is not perfect, but it FITS and it looks pretty good. You can't see any of the mistakes. And, yes, it was supposed to be long sleeved, but I opted for finishing it in this decade.

The pattern is one I got on line from www.justonemorerow.com. So I can cross this off my list of unfinished projects and move on to yet another UFO. My bird in the previous post is in danger of becoming one of those. I get to that point in creating something where I KNOW what it's going to look like and somehow the 'discovery' element is resolved, therefore I don't have the desire to complete it. Mystery solved. I'm working on this though, because I do like to have closure almost as much as I like to create.


HollyM said...

I seem to have a closet full of 'closure' problems. I hope you do finish the bird. I'd love to see it.

LoopyLou said...

I love your jumper, the colour is gorgeous. I seem to have the same problems as you when it comes to finishing things, from what I have read on other blogs to, we are not alone... My kids jumper is an ongoing project that so far has been around the house for 4 years and is still not finished... maybe one day... X