Sunday, November 14, 2010


I've almost finished another bird hanging save for a few more embroidery stitches here and there. I like this one a lot, the colors, the pieced tree, the idea of nesting especially at this time of year. The days are cold now; the yard is cleaned up from summer gardening and waiting for spring, same as me as I hunker down and wait myself.

I've seen Christmas lights outdoors already and one tree in someone's window. They must love these days...and the catalogs have started to arrive. My goodness,things are moving fast, except at 3:30 in the afternoon it still feels like it should be 4:30, bah humbug to the time change!


Joanne S said...

Really lovely work. Thank you for the detail shots.

It gets so dark at work that the greenhouse seems like a sad unhappy place. And I still have two full hours to work down there and wait on customers. Christmas lights would be a good addition.

Once Halloween passes, it's just one whoosh to the end of the year. Times goes so quickly. Except at work.

HollyM said...

This is a very charming piece. Your birds just seem to have an animated quality to them. I'm curious as to whether it is embroidered separately and then appliqued.

Emmy said...

wonderful piece I love to see the details

Heidi said...

lovely piece, beautiful colours and composition

Laurel said...

Love this. :)