Wednesday, February 02, 2011


True to my last post about growing younger in 2011 I've decided to start with "expansion." I'm auditing a math class at our local college. Math and me have always been like oil and water, we both don't like each other much. But this opportunity came along and the class sounded interesting: Ferns and Fractals, Math in Nature. And because I'm doing it for fun, there's no pressure to participate or pass tests, but I can if I want. It also happened about the same time I discovered Deborah's post on the Crochet Coral Reef. The math is challenging since I had to go back and relearn basic algebra before any of this made sense, but despite how terrible I am at it, I remember how much I loved the 'sense' of it, the thrill of coming to the right answer. There have been many 'oh my goodness' moments. Fibonacci spirals, phyllotaxis, gnomons. Symmetry is next as well as M.C. Escher...great fodder for quilt designs. I will do a project due at the end of class which is April. Spring. I'm thinking of something along the lines of the Sketchbook Project, a book with a page for each new thing I'm learning. Mixed media: fabric, paper, stitch and glue.


HollyM said...

Wow, this project sounds really interesting. I have learned math in recent years as I was teaching adult upgrading. You are getting a little more into it though. I can't wait to see the journal and the parallels between math, art and quilting. It is fascinating.

Joanne S said...

I think continued learning is a very good way to stay young. And to try something a bit difficult is a very good exercise for the brain.

I didn't pick a "word" for the year but I am trying to get in better physical shape. What sort of word or phrase would say that?

I thought the knitted coral reefs were a wonderful idea. And your plan for the sketchbook is better than just scraping paint over a bunch of pages and calling it "art". It's a surface waiting for something else to happen. My "peeve" with the journals.

If anyone ever reads my journals they will get to know me. I exist in those books.

Jeannie said...

I had math phobia until I went back to college at age 30+. I had an excellent prof who showed me that I wasn't dumb and I eventually went on and took calculus! A good prof makes all the difference in the world. Your class sound fascinating and auditing a class makes it so much more enjoyable! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed and your class actually sounds like fun. Your Prof should be blown away by your final submission.