Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Frayed Edges

My small quilting group got together yesterday at Kate's house for sharing and for food. Some day's there are a lot of quilts to share, new books to look at (not so many since Hannah left us :) and always food.

Yesterday was food and catching up with each others lives. We started out with sticky buns, Nana's roll recipe dressed up in brown sugar and pecans. I'll do that again. I've never met a sticky bun I haven't loved. I showed off my Tillie quilt which I posted earlier, and one other I had made of pink tulips on my windowsill...sorry, no picture yet. I left it behind by accident. Memory is a fickle thing when you hit...older. But there was the beautiful spring green tablecloth Kate had dyed from an old white linen one. Not to mention the spanakopita and green salad.

And this is the real color of the cloth, not washed out by my camera.

Talking, eating, catching up. All good.


HollyM said...

It's hard to believe it's spring when you look out our window. It is cold and we still have 4 to 5 ft of snow. I love the green linen tablecloth and wish I could have joined in. Spanokapita is a favorite too.
I can't wait to see your tulips. Those are the first real flowers I draw in spring although right now I would have to buy them.

Deborah Boschert said...

Lovely! Thank you. I am so happy to hear you had a good day catching up and that spring is coming into your lives in all kinds of ways.

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Ro Bruhn said...

It's great when friends get together for show and tell our group of five met today planning for our upcoming exhibition, lots of chatter and good food.