Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mail Time!

Look what I received in the mail today...

It's an invitation to the opening of a new exhibition of banners by Jamien Morehouse. Several years ago the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland Maine, (made famous by the Wyeth boys) built a new wing onto the existing building and named it after her. She had just recently passed away and was an active member of the museum and community. She was only 48 when she died (the big C), leaving behind small children. Very sad. Not only does this announcement tell of the opening on the 19th of March, but it also includes an invitation to the Spring Solstice Tea on the 20th which was a tradition started by Jamien.

The brochure reads:

In 1986 Jamien Morehouse started a tradition by sending packages of tea and an invitation to 100 of her female friends entreating each of them to get together with a comrade for a cup of tea at 4pm on the first day of spring. She suggested that they might all, even though apart, "drink together on that day."

And then Jamien herself says in her invitation of 1993: "It will be a confirmation of that which we, as women, have always known- that the skills of keepers of homes and nurturers of children are the skills which will ultimately bring a sense of love and caring to the world. Women's priorities are global priorities. By drinking tea togehter, I believe we may, indeed solve some of the greatest problems in the world."
Amen.(That's from me)

Isn't this a nice tradition? Anyone interested in spreading the idea to their friends? Just like a giant chain letter that could reach around the world just like that! I'll be having tea and I hope you'll join me, monday March 20th at 4PM. Invite your friends.


Deborah said...

Lovely. On Monday March 20 at 4 pm, I'll be picking Claire up from her first meeting of "Chess for Children!" I'll swing by Starbucks on the way home for some tea (or coffee) and toast YOU, our friendship, the birth of spring and the miracle of womanhood!

Joanne S said...

What a nice thing to look forward to! I'd love to have a "cuppa" with you on that day. And with Deborah. Isn't the blog a wonderful place?

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Yeehaw Kathy....tea at my house with the Frayed Edges on Spring Equinox ...we'll just do 4 pm somewhere over the Atlantic instead of in Maine! Deborah...please do join us. If we pick 2 pm here, which is 4 pm two hours east into the Atlantic, it'll be noon in Dallas (I think)....

howzabout it?

And then we can do ANOTHER one at 4 pm local time...what a great idea!