Monday, March 27, 2006

New Energy!

This picture has GREAT significance! Mother Nature has given us back the water...ICE OUT!!! It is such a thrill to see a FISH JUMP and leave the simple rings of it's existence on the surface of the lake. For sure, spring is just around the corner.

And this is a picture of our beach, which at this time of year is AT LEAST up to the bottom step of our stairs. A little disturbing in one sense (drought this summer?) but on the other hand, when carey arrives back from his week in Florida there will be LOTS OF BEACH to stand on to throw ALL THOSE ROCKS into the water!! Hurry home guys, we miss you! Notice my coffee cup on the step...besides trying to walk, my other morning ritual in the summer is to start the morning out here. It's a freakin' nature show first thing in the morning. Eagles, herons, ducks, fox, deer, the best!

And I'm happy to say I've had a breakthrough on the ireland quilt which I've named "Peat Bottom River". The rivers are black, black, black, because of the peat, romantically eerie (think Ophelia). So, this is what I have so far:

compared to where I started:

It really does help to have some distance, get a cup of coffee, work on something else, go away for the weekend.

You can see I'm still having a hard time on the lower right side, but I'm pleased with the direction I'm headed in. And I think a little colored pencil or paint on the picture won't hurt anything? I'll work on this today along with spending some time outside!


Joanne S said...

I'm liking the new Ireland. It's better tall. And the dark water is wonderful. Maybe some darker rock walls. I remember lots of rock walls surrounding everything green.

Love your lake. Surprised at the low level of water considering this has been the wettest 12 months in a very long time.

Deborah said...

Ireland is looking so wonderful and I love hearing about your amazing home and wonderful morning. Of course you know how blessed you are.

Brenda said...

Thank you for sharing the evolution of your ireland quilt. It's looking great! I especially like the addition of the trees.

Dale Anne said...

Ok - now your Ireland piece is starting to make sense to me.....I just couldn't figure out things before. Looking good!

Still too much snow and ice around here to think of seeing green tho the trees are budding.

kate said...

I worry when I see you posting at 3am and knowing you are up to walk at 6. No wonder the mug is in the picture! Love the black rivers. Want more walls.

Claudia said...

Hi Kathy

I love the poppies piece, it's stunning, the quilting looks very effective.

The Ireland piece is beautiful, it has alot of depth.

mary m. said...


Your Ireland quilt is really looking great! You had quite a breakthrough, there. Keep up the good work!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Like that curve in the updated Ireland it leads the viewer back to the bridge....can't wait to see where it has taken you by May 1...

Hugs, Sarah