Monday, April 03, 2006

Vaughn Woods State Park

Yesterday after breakfast we took a little hike and did some letterboxing. Check this out if you've never done it before. It's like Geocaching, but without the aid of a GPS which in our case doesn't seem to work very well anyway. I learned about it (along with many other things) from Deborah. I love it because it gets us out and exploring places we'd probably never go. Built in ADVENTURE!!! And Carey (my grandson) loves to look for the TREASURE. What six year old wouldn't see the fun in this. The picture I posted yesterday was after the find, sort of a family portrait without sarah, who was sick poor thing. And me.

Carey and Sean

Carey. Ever seen a six year old that DIDN'T have a stick or two in his hands?!!

This is the Hamilton House on the grounds of Vaughn Woods. Incredible setting for a home. Check out the link for a little interesting historical information, especially if you're living in southern Maine and are looking for something to do on a warm sunny day.

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