Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hey, we're back!

Maybe you didn't know I was gone. Florida. Visiting good friends. I've spent the last two days catching a quick blog here and there and working at my regular job, but now it's the weekend and I can catch my breath and do some laundry. And post some nice pictures of our mini vacation. We arrived in Florida just in time to have wine and appetizers on the beach in Boca Grande...what a beautiful spot and some people are just lucky enough to live there...(you know who you are). Though I hear there's a major problem with very large iguanas getting into people places.

wine at sunset

Then a delicious dinner of lobsters that bruce and I brought fresh from the frigid Maine waters. We brought all the fixin's except a pot to cook them in, which as it turns out, we probably should have brought that too. But it was fun scrambling around trying to be creative...notice the galvanized pan we finally ended up worked great, too. Just took forever for the water to boil. Not a hardship though, we had plenty of wine to sustain us. And they were the best lobsters any of us have ever eaten, and we've all had our share.

Carole and the Lobsters

We did a lot of beach,

and a little hiking and letterboxing at this very cool place called The Rookery where there were many, many herons, egrets and another bird I'd never seen called anhingas? And lots of babies in nests.

I had more pictures, closeups of the nests, but blogger is giving me a hard time uploading so I'll end with just one more. The last night with the Vincents: the warm air, beautiful flowers everywhere, a great meal to come, good friends, and Carole and I having drinks IN the pool. How downright decadent!!!

After laundry, it's back to my studio! Can't wait. BTW, notice my new haircut? I have a very talented daughter in law. I'm lovin' it short.


Deborah said...

So fun! I love the new hair cut. I noticed it in the picture even before I read your comment about it. We really must get out and do more boxing --- though I think there are less in this area than in Maine. I guess we'll have to plant some ourselves.

Deb R said...

Looks like a fun trip.

I love your hair!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Bare arms! SHORT hair! Oh my...... ENVY!