Sunday, April 16, 2006

Since we haven't stayed at home for the last 6 or so weekends, Bruce and I decided to stay put and have a quiet one. I miss having little kids around for Easter egg hunts and all that candy that they share. But it's been a very nice and productive weekend.

I think we've accomplished all the things on our lists as far as yardwork and such. And also some time for inner contemplation. At least I have, sitting in my chair beside the lake, hearing the first loon of the year. I always do this..I say, 'what was that?' and then I remember the sound from so long ago.(last fall)

I've also had lots of time to not only read quite a few blogs, but read a lot of the archives too. I was looking for something in particular which I found. So much GOOD information hidden in those archives. All have IDEAS for new projects, some have STEP BY STEP tutorials, others lay out in black and white their ARTISTIC THOUGHT PROCESSES, wow-eeee!!!! Not only HOW they did it , but WHY they did it. Melody Johnson's is a virtual treasure trove of GOOD STUFF, mostly because she's so generous in sharing all the things she knows and is learning. I love to read Joanne's blog,she has incredible journal information, (passed on with a bit of humor) any of which can be a jumping off point for any new project. Sarah Smith has a whole CLASS on color if anyone has a problem in that area. Deborah, well, she's my inspiration in many things. And perhaps for this post. How about heavy deep and real? Lots of it, like this bit of advice "It's only fabric"! Seems to me someone should write about this blogging ring of friends.....hmmmm.

So, I'm enamored with all the beautiful dyed and painted (Sonji) fabrics I've seen all over the place, i'm psyched to do some more of my off I go, to use the $70 worth of dyes I just ordered from Dharma and see what happens. Or to watch The Chronicles of Narnia, I'm not sure which.


Deborah said...

Ok ok ok... next week. I promise.

Can't. Wait. To. See. Your. Painted. Fabric.

Joanne S said...

Hey! Keep me informed on this. I have dye painted but never dyed anything so I might want to know how it goes.

You would go and do something wildly interesting (to me) --when I will be gone. Darn.