Friday, April 07, 2006

I'll be gone for a few days, not that that's anything new! We're taking a long weekend trip to visit with friends in Florida. You know, WARM! But I did want to post the pictures of the books I've been working on for my friend Tricia. These are the first 5 I've completed (out of 13) and each time I pull them out I add a little more. I can't help it.

Each one was made with a suggestion from Tricia of what the girls like and each has their name on them somewhere. Inside is a sketchbook that, when filled, can be substituted for a new one.

The process has been fun and done completely idea (except for the photo transfers on some) what to use for fabric or what it will end up looking like. Auditioning fabric and doo-dahs till I get a combination that appeals to me.

Alyssa likes roses, but she's also a ballet dancer...the flowers are supposed to look like they're reaching over their heads. Didn't know how to make a flower do first position though.

Can you see the influence of my good friends in this one? Sonji bundle (sort of) and Deborah's traveling flowers!

This one was done with some of my hand painted fabric for the background. A couple of the others have pieces of my own dyed fabric in them.

So, 5 down and only 8 more to go! The camera doesn't show the quilting very well, but there's a lot on each one.

And one final family news flash...I've HEARD but haven't seen that Charlotte is walking and giggling the whole time! She was close when we saw her last weekend. Laurel sent an MVI file which of course my computer won't open up, so we'll have to wait for the real thing!


Kate C. said...

Fabric covers for composition notebooks? Awesome. Are you making all 13 for Tricia? Whoa.
Curious about the price.

I've been collaging fabric and paper onto the covers of the Composition notebooks as "Travel Journals" for adoptive families. It has been fun. I've made 9 and I'm whooped. In some ways, the fabric sleeve would be easier... and might be more marketable due to the reuse feature. As always, you inspire me. xxoo

Deborah said...

Oh my goodness... these are simply magnificent. I just love your style. Stunning! What lucky young artists. Thank you so much for posting them... and where did that orange and fuscia numbers fabric come from? And what is the handwriting behind the poppy photo? And how have you changed the construction from when we did the original journal covers? I simply must just come over for a cuppa and study them in person.

Micki said...

These are all just absolutely gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Absolutely beautiful. And, what a fabulous idea!!

Julaine said...

Kathy - your books are wonderful! You really know how to create themes...