Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Altered Books

I've joined a new library in Rockport, the town where we'll be building our new house in a couple of years. I guess I'm not starting out on the right foot because I went away on vacation and forgot to renew my books so I ended up returning them two days late. I love libraries. And this one has the feel of a small town library but is up to date, well organized and exciting just to be in. For instance, right now they have an exhibit of 'Altered Books' called Out Of Bounds.
I have taken a few pictures but if you're interested in seeing more you can link to the site. Such a variety; it's hard to choose one favorite. This one, though, was sitting on the desk and I really thought it was a warning to patrons to be careful of your books around pets.

The books were interspersed with the regular books, displayed in little spaces on the shelves or around the corner on a table. Coming upon one was a treat for the eyes.

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Karoda said...

Thanks for sharing the link...I'm eyeing 2 chairs at the moment wondering how many pages I'll need to cover them ;)

The resting pears was my favorite.