Tuesday, June 03, 2008

And it Continues...

One thing I noticed about Natasha's studio is that there was a little bit of everything there. Works in progress. Works for sale. Supplies to make more things: paints, dyes, yarns, toothbrushes, (toothbrushes??) groups of this and that. Groupings, that would be key.

Baskets of yarns.

Boxes of rocks.

I took a workshop with Natasha several years ago, maybe even 10 years, and I remember her journals. Places where she keeps pictures from magazines or books that have some sort of meaning or will be used as fodder for ideas. I immediately started my own and now have a good dozen on my shelf. It's fun to look back on them, but how much more fun would it be to have it in front of you for instant inspiration?

I came home with so many ideas for my own new studio. Someday.

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Laurel said...

kath, you know YOUR home and studio are this wondrous to me, right? :)