Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Frayed Edges Goes on a Field Trip

'Tis the season, right? When I was in Boston last week, having a wonderful, extended retirement party, the school buses just kept rolling in with hundreds of kids , HUNDREDS, enjoying the spring day and not being in school. So, in keeping with this particular rite of spring, Hannah arranged for us to go visit the studio of artist Natasha Kempers-Cullen.

We drove up to this. The door to her studio. And I knew we were in for a treat. Even before I saw these:

...or these incredible, irresistible, (at least for an artist and lover of color) "garden girls":

...and a closeup:

She uses wood frames that she's hand painted and from them hangs all sorts of found (saved) items. I'm pretty sure she hasn't thrown anything away since 1972. Whimsical garden art. She has empty spools wrapped with metallic foil, bells, beads, slinkees and golf tees of all colors for hair, too, too many things to mention. Needless to say, I was jazzed before I even got through the beautiful yellow door. Please check out her website for an address and if you're in Maine this summer on vacation, this is a MUST STOP studio.

Here is a little taste of the inside for you. This is just one little corner of her studio with Kate in the middle.

She has books and bead jewelry and art from friends everywhere! So much to see. More tomorrow.

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